people act like you “don’t have a sense of humor” if you don’t laugh at offensive things but like ?? idk what you’re talking about because I laugh all the time every day, there are plenty of things to laugh about that a harmless and actually funny so stop pretending offensive humor is the only kind of humor and stop pretending offensive humor is funny at all

you’ll replace me. everyone always does.
six word stories. (via oshawott)


shes beauty shes grace shes miss united states

you're so.. unce unce unce

thank u

“You’re so..” finish it in my ask.


i need to get back into digital painting….damn


I was thinking of Lolly falling asleep reading, so here,

have a sleeping Lolly.


just wanna see you - a long mix for a long distance relationship

listen! // image credit

I slam, therefore I jam.

ppl who legitimately get mad when u say “your” instead of “you’re” and vice versa are usually arrogant and annoying stay away from them at all costs

hones;tlyyy how did i get a gf that’s so perfect and amazing why me i don’t deserve thi im so goddamn happy

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