wonder why there are hundreds of posts talking about how “mentally ill people can be abusive” but none talking about how neurotypical people abuse neurodivergent people or general abuse without mentioning neurodivergent people

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hiiii good morning

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For the queens ♕


For the queens

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hi there, im kalen. me and my datefriend ascha cishawke are trans, mentally ill, and disabled and desperately trying to get out of abusive environments that are extremely affecting our health.

we are trying to move in together ASAP but to do so requires completely moving one of us across the country and that is not going to be cheap in the slightest. we also need to be able to pay first months rent and utilities and a security deposit. and that’s on top of all of our food medical necessities etc

every dollar helps us and we really need to get this circulated as much as possible. if you have any questions feel free to msg me, support is also welcome. donation buttons on our sidebars, or msg me for my PayPal email. love and good vibes to all of you

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Why is this happening….



                        くコ:彡 Super SQUID Giveaway! くコ:彡

This is a special giveaway for a-squid-place. The rules will be a little different, so even if you’re familiar with the rules from my previous giveaways, please read over these to make sure!

To win the special prizes, you must be following a-squid-place. I will pick a winner and if they are following, they win the special prizes. If not they win the regular prize and I redraw until one of her followers is drawn as a winner. 

Special Prizes!

Mew - Adamant, 5 IV

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Inkay - Adamant or Careful, HA, 6 IV

Any 1 Pokemon from these lists (tabs at the bottom to switch between lists!)

Regular Prizes!

Eevee - Modest, 6 IV, Egg Moves

Riolu - Jolly, 5 IV, Egg Moves

Beldum - Adamant, 6 IV

Fletchling - Jolly, 5 IV HA (not UT)

Feebas - Calm, 6 IV, Egg Moves

  • Respond in 24 hours if you win, otherwise I pick another URL
  • For XY only
  • No limit on reblogs
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Giveaway Ends Oct. 23, 11 PM Pacific

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Uhhhhh im not sure if im grey asexual or just asexual. Hmmmmmmmm

why cant america just use celsius it’s so much easier to spell than feiehreirheineiheit

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